Each stakeholder in the design, manufacturing, and delivery cycle is enabled to collaborate in an efficient and transparent manner; interests of these different parties are brought together with this approach; creating synergy.


Land Owners

Landowners are provided with more accurate information, which helps them to make better decisions based on objective data.



Developers can evaluate different options and compare their costs, return on investment, delivery schedules. This will help them to identify the most efficient solution.



Taking advantage of the input data provided by the industrial manufacturing methods, valuable time and energy are saved for architects, allowing them to focus on the design and comfort qualities of the spaces they design.



Fully coordinated designs optimized for assembly, saving contractors critical resources on the construction site. Their risks are minimized and productivity is maximized.



Manufacturers can directly procure all building materials in a more planned and sustainable manner. Efficiency is maximized by minimizing material waste.



Funders are provided with key data from the very beginning. They can study this data to make detailed risk assessments.