Today, our world is going through an intensive process of transformation. Ever-changing economic and social requirements force every industry to face the challenge of integration with the latest technologies.


The Construction Industry is notorious for lagging behind in this evolution process. In this new era, construction activities should be more efficient, more sustainable, and more transparent. Such ambitious goals can only be achieved by utilizing the latest design and manufacturing technologies.


Motivated by its unique background in the construction sector, CONSERA is dedicated to building better buildings with lesser problems. We are continuously working on optimizing the building design and construction processes for a brighter future.


A Brief History Of Consera

1971 Established as a Conventional Contractor
1984 Transformed into a Group of Companies
1994 Awarded International Turnkey Contracts
1999 Devastating Earthquake in Turkey
  A Milestone for the Local Construction Industry
2001 Established an Innovative Light Gauge Steel Frame Manufacturing Facility
  From this point on, we focused on producing safe and comfortable buildings with the LGSF technology
2005 Awarded International Contract for Dormitory Buildings
2006 Premium Residential Project Developed in Ankara, Turkey
2009 Awarded International Contracts for Premium Hospitality Buildings
2011 Awarded International Contract for 1500 Unit Social Housing
2014 Premium Residential Project Developed in İzmir, Turkey
  BREEAM Certification, Sign of the City Awards
2015 Research and Development Investment for Off-Site Construction
2016 Volumetric Off-site Construction of Hotel Rooms
2017 Volumetric Off-site Construction of Bathroom Pods
2019 Established Sub-brands for "Off the Shelf" Products